Summer Reading Program 2023

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in our Summer Reading Program this year! It was a huge success and we ended up having a grand total of 645,572 minutes read this summer! That’s almost 195,000 minutes more than last summer. We’re looking forward to doing this again next summer! If you have any recommendations or thoughts about our Summer Reading Program, please contact the Library at:

We will have fun activities, crafts, and events every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm! Check out the schedule below or the calendar to see what’s coming up! We hope to see you soon!  

Explore our community with a stuffed animal scavenger hunt! Look for each of these 5 animals in local (walking distance) businesses. Tell a librarian where you found an animal to enter a raffle ticket for it at the library. Try to find all the animals before the drawing at the end of the summer reading program!

Jefferson Summer Reading Program 2023

The Summer Reading Program is here! And this summer, it’s more important than ever to get reading, whether you’re a little one just learning to love books or an adult bookworm ready to dive in to something new. This year’s theme is “Find Your Voice”! We’ll have themed events and activities, monthly activity kits for pick up, and prizes for kids, teens, and adults.

Summer Reading starts Saturday, June 17th and runs until Saturday, August 19th. Sign up so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Click here to sign up for our online reading tracker: ReaderZone! or, you can search for the ReaderZone app on any smart device. Use the code 0a827 to sign up all your readers!

Important Dates:

Sat. June 17 – 10am – 2pm– Summer Reading Program Start/ Game Day (we will have Dungeon’s and Dragons!)/ Grand Opening Party

Tues. June 20 – 12:30pm – Beaded Word Bracelet 

Wed. June 21 – 12:30pm – Find Your Voice through Journaling

Thur. June 22 – 12:30pm – Nathalia Performance 

Sat. June 24 – 10am – 2pm – All Ages Jewelry Craft

Tues. June 27 – 12:30pm – Express Yourself with Chalk

Wed. June 28 – 12:30pm – Find Your Animal Voice

Thurs. June 29 – 12:30pm – Acrostic Poetry

Sat. July 1 – 10am – 2pm – Robotics

Tues. July 4 – CLOSED – Fourth of July

Wed. July 5 – 12:30pm – Find Your Musical Voice 

Thurs. July 6 – 12:30pm – Secret Messages In Code 

Sat. July 8 – 10am – 2pm – Mixed Media Collage

Tues. July 11 – 12:30pm – Create Your Own Flag Craft

Wed. July 12 – 12:30pm – Find Your Voice through Art

Thurs. July 13 – 12:30pm – Alex Zerbe Performance 

Sat. July 15 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – All Ages Game Day 

Tues. July 18 – 12:30pm  – Kindness Rocks 

Wed. July 19 – 12:30pm – What Matters to You?

Thurs. July 20 – 12:30pm  – Create a Never Ending Story 

Sat. July 22 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – Craft Stick Folding Card 

Tues. July 25 – 12:30pm – Musical Craft 

Wed. July 26 – 12:30pm – Stories in the Stars

Thurs. July 27 – 12:30pm – Angel Ocasio Performance 

Sat. July 29 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – Origami with a Twist 

Tues. August 1 – 12:30pm – Say It with Sign Language

Wed. August 2 – 12:30pm – Find Your Voice through Music 

Thurs. August 3 – 12:30pm – Creature Teacher Performance

Sat. Aug. 5 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – Robotics 

Tues. Aug. 8 – 12:30pm – Rock & Bead Photo Holder

Wed. Aug. 9 – 12:30pm – Gallery of Good Causes 

Thurs. Aug. 10 – 12:30pm – Thoughts of Kindness Letters

Sat. Aug 12 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – STEM Craft 

Tues. Aug 15 – 12:30pm – Say It with a Puppet 

Wed. Aug 16 – 12:30pm – Express Yourself with a Quote 

Thurs. Aug 17 – 12:30pm – Haiku: Japanese Poetry 

Sat. Aug. 19 – 10:00am – 2:00pm – SRP End/ Party/ Game Day 

August 26 – Last day to turn in Reading Logs – Raffle drawing at 4:00pm!

Summer Reading Program FAQ

Who is the summer reading program for? All ages! Anyone can participate in the summer reading program. You can join with or without a library card. Marion county residents can get a card at the library. Ask a librarian for more details about library cards and access! The library is open for browsing and curbside pick-up this summer!

When is it? The summer reading program starts Saturday, June 17th, until August 19th. Teen and adult prizes will be drawn on August 26th at 4:00pm. Winners will be contacted by phone or email.

How do I start? Get the Readerzone app or register with a web browser. It is available on Google play, Apple’s App Store and Amazon apps. Use the code 0a827 for all readers, then select your reading group. When you come to the library in person, pick up a reading bag with materials for you to enjoy the summer reading program!

Young readers, ages newborn to about 6, read for 1 hour to earn a ticket to trade for a prize in the library Prize Store.

Child readers, ages 6 through 12, read for 2 hours to earn a ticket. 

This year, we will have a “Prize Store” located in the library meeting room for the child and young reader prizes with items of 1-3 ticket values, so you either take home a prize every time you earn a ticket or save tickets to win bigger prizes. Just remember to use all your tickets by the end of the summer reading program! Young Readers and Child Readers will be limited to a maximum of 12 tickets to be used in our Prize Room on prizes. And tickets earned after that must be submitted into one of our several Children Raffle Prizes! This way we can ensure that everyone will be able to be able to enjoy our Prize Room!

Teen readers, ages 13-17, read for 3 hours to earn a raffle ticket to submit for their choice of prize pack to be drawn at the end of the summer reading program.

Young reader, child and teen reading group ages are intended as guides. Please choose the challenge that suits your child!

Adults readers read for 5 hours to earn a raffle ticket for one of the adult prize pack .

For all reading groups, there is no limit to the number of tickets you can earn! Teens and adults each have a choice of 16 prize packs to try to win. You can enter tickets into a single raffle or enter multiple raffles with your tickets. You can view all the the prize packs at the library and at the bottom of this webpage.

What if I don’t use the Readerzone app? Come to the library to pick up a paper reading tracking form for you age group, and bring it to the library when you come to collect your tickets!

What counts as reading? You can read books, graphic novels, comic books, magazines, Ebooks, listen to audiobooks or digital audiobooks. Reading to someone else, or someone reading to you counts too! Just track how many minutes you spend reading. Web browsing and social media doesn’t count.

Where do I go? The library is located at 150 N 2nd St. Suite B, next to the city hall. All in-person events will be held here, and it is where you go to get tickets, prizes and activity kits. You can call the library at 541-327-3826 for more information.

What events can I attend? See live performances by Nathalia (June 22nd @ 12:30pm), Alex Zerbe (July 13th @ 12:30pm), Angel Ocasio (July 27th @ 12:30pm) and Creature Teacher (August 3rd @ 12:30pm).

Weekly Storytimes for ages newborn through age 7 will be held at the library each Wednesday at 11:00am with songs, rhymes and stories.

Other events will be held at the library for all ages. Download or pick-up a calendar for details.

How do I get activity kits? Pick-up craft kits for each week of the summer reading program at the library. You can get them with curbside pick-up or inside the library. All crafts are free and available to all ages. Just tell us how many you will use, and we will give you pre-packed materials for a unique craft or activity to do at home.

We’ll see you at the Jefferson Public Library This Summer!

Teens and Adults can submit their tickets to one, several, or all of the Raffle Prize groups listed below!

– Grand Prize

– Self-Care

– Adult Mystery Books

– Adult Fiction Books

– Teen Fiction Books,

– Teen Manga

– Gardening

– Art Kit

– Outdoor/ Hiking

– Workout/ Yoga

– Local Gift Cards

– Game Night (Board Games)

– Movie Night

– Jewelry Making Craft Kit

– Dungeons & Dragons

– Magic the Gathering

There are also going to be SIX raffle categories for Young and Child Readers. Children can spend up to 12 of their tickets in the Prize Room and everything else after needs to go to one (or more) of the raffles. Children can also enter their tickets into a raffle if they would like without spending any in the Prize Room.

The Children’s Raffle Prize categories are:

– Dinosaur

– Lego

– Pokémon

– Stuffed Animals/ Squishmallows

– Minecraft

– Children’s Graphic Novels


Child and Young Reader Prize Room

– Pictured are samples from previous years. Come to the library (starting June 17th!) to see all the choices!