City of Jefferson Public Library

Open Hours and Services:

Tuesday: walk-in browsing and computer use 10am-6pm

Wednesday: walk-in browsing and computer use 10am-6pm

Thursday: walk-in browsing and computer use 10am-6pm

Saturday: walk-in browsing and computer use 10am-4pm

Curbside Pick-up available during all open hours

Face Coverings and Social Distancing are required for all patrons

Closed: Sun, Mon & Fri

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Current Status

While Marion County is in the “High Risk” level of Covid-19 precautions, the library is offering curbside services and browsing with precautionary requirements. We are monitoring the situation and will post updates as needed. You can follow current updates on our Facebook page and the website’s news page.

Starting 6/1/2021, Jefferson Public Library is offering:

Walk-in Browsing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Requirements for in-person browsing are as follows:

  • Face coverings for all patrons 5 years and older
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet between households
  • Limit browsing time to 30 minutes per day
  • Computer use only is limited to 1 hour per day
  • No more than 25 people may be in the building at a time, including staff.
  • High touch surfaces are frequently sanitized and hand santizer is available at several locations in the library

You can browse the library’s collection, check out holds and items from the shelves, pick-up take-and-make kits, and return items.

Curbside Services are available during all open hours. Patrons do not need an appointment to pick-up holds, return items or pick-up Take&Make kits using the curbside service.

You can either call the library from the City Hall/Library parking lot to have items brought to your vehicle or knock on the library’s front door to collect items there.

For questions or to schedule an appointment you can:

Call 541-327-3826


Send a message on Facebook @JeffersonOregonPublicLibrary

Patrons are encouraged to return items in the 24/7 library drop box located in the City Hall parking lot. In-person returns are also available whenever picking-up holds or checking out.

Reopening Guidelines

These measures will help us to keep everyone in the Jefferson community safe and healthy. We are always watching for new guidance from health authorities, so these rules may be updated over time.

IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL, OR SHOWING ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE LIBRARY IN PERSON. If you have a cough, sore throat, fever, loss of taste/smell, or severe tiredness, help us keep the community safe by setting up Libby, Kanopy, and other services you can access from home over the phone. We can help!

Face coverings are required inside the building. We have some disposable masks to share, but we ask that you bring your own mask if you can. This measure is required in order for us to open to the public. If for any reason you are not able to wear a face covering, we are happy to bring your check-outs to you while you wait outside or make an appointment to use a public computer during the morning before we open.



Time in the library is limited to 1/2 hour per day. This includes time for browsing in the stacks and checking things out at the desk. Computer use only is 1 hour per day.

Maintain six feet of distance between members of your household and others. We’ve marked the floor six feet apart at the circulation desk so you can see easily where to line up.

Avoid contact with high-touch surfaces as much as possible. While browsing in the stacks, try to avoid touching materials that you don’t intend to take with you.

Help children to keep safe. It can be tough to understand all these changes if you’re a kid! Please help us keep the community safe by bringing littles out of the library if they are having trouble following the rules.

Curbside Hold Pickup Instructions

If you’re still avoiding public spaces, or you can’t wear a face covering, you can still check out books, movies, audiobooks, and all the rest! We will be offering Curbside Hold pickup from 10am until we close Tuesday-Thursday, plus Saturday. Here’s how it works:

Place holds on your account for books, movies, audiobooks, or anything else we normally check out to you in person. You can do this the usual way on our online catalog or you can contact us directly. If the items you’ve requested are available for you in Jefferson, we will pull them from the shelves and prepare them for you to pick up. The CCRLS courier is currently running, but please expect occasional delays!

Let us know when you’ve arrived at the library for pick up. You can call ahead (or simply knock on the door) and we will bring your checked-out items straight to you.

Keep your items as long as you like! The library will not be charging late fines until further notice. If you feel you’d like to return any items anyway, our 24/7 book drop (located in the City Hall parking lot) is open and accepting returns.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday


Bookworm Testimonials

They are so nice, and the ladies are so sweet and kind.”

Josh R.

I love this little library! It is a great place to bring my kids.

Carolyn W

“The new library is very nice. They have plenty of room to grow in.”

Gregory B